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Emily Meade was born on January 10, 1989. Emily Meade’s birth place is New York City, New York, United States. Emily Meade father’s name is Edward Dickinson. Emily Meade mother’s Tongue is English. Emily Meade’s nicknames is Emily. Emily Meade is one of the most famous beautiful and charming actress of the Hollywood film industry. Emily Meade has attractive personality with Blonde hair, Blue eyes, her height 5’7″, bra cup size 30B, Weight50 kg, , waist size 23, Hips Size 32, Shoe Size 6, and Bust size 30. Emily Meade is now 24 years old . Emily Meade is a well known social actress in this way she dated many directors, producers and co-stars her best boyfriend are 50 Cent. Emily Meade has worked in a lot of Hollywood Movies as an leading Actress. Emily Meade has nominated many movie Award for best Actress. Emily Meade’s hit Movies asTwelve (2010),Trespass (2011),     Sleepwalk with Me (2012) etc. Emily Meade is well known and highly reputed actress in the Hollywood film Industry . Emily Meade’s alot of movies are selected by the millions of enthusiast . Emily Meade was criticized in various Hollywood movies. Emily Meade is not just popular in United States but having a extreme value lovers all over the world.

Emily Meade is an active online lady also she have social networking accounts like face book, Google plus and twitter.
Emily Meade has shown its abilities as genius actress at Television. The Dramas in which Emily Meade has performed are given following, Law & Order (2010),Boardwalk Empire (2010), Fringe (2011) etc.

But mostly Emily Meade is an hot and sexy Hollywood actress. The most famous movies of Emily Meade are as Twelve (2010),Trespass (2011),     Sleepwalk with Me (2012) etc.



Emily Meade

Emily Meade is very famous actress in Hollywood. Emily Meade is a very popular actress not only in Hollywood but in all over the world. Emily Meade is a very good actress in all the field of of acting. Emily Meade worked with many good and famous actors.

Emily Meade’s Nick Name

Emily Meade is known as Emily.

Emily Meade’s Father name

Edward Dickinson  is the name of Emily Meade’s Father. Therefore Emily Meade is known as Emily Meade.

Emily Meade’s Mother name

Emily is the name of Emily Meade’s Mother. Emily Meade’s Mother loves Emily Meade very much.

Emily Meade’s Horoscope

Capricorn  is the Horoscope of Emily Meade. This Horoscope effects on the personality of Emily Meade.

Emily Meade’s Religion

Christian is the religion of Emily Meade. Emily Meade is a religious women. Emily Meade loves to Christian.

Emily Meade’s Date of Birth

Emily Meade born on January 10, 1989. Now Emily Meade’s age is 24 year. Emily Meade looks beautiful in age of 24.

Emily Meade’s Bith Place

Emily Meade born at the place of New York City, New York, United States. Many other good celebrities belong’s to the place.

Emily Meade’s Mother Tongue

English is the mother tongue of Emily Meade. Emily Meade speaks this language thouroghly. Emily Meade can speak many other languages.

Emily Meade’s social Networks

Emily Meade uses Twitter Account, Facebook Account, Wikipedia and Google Account to conact with other people.

Emily Meade’s Hit Movies

Emily Meade worked in many hit Movies. Many movies got much success in the world. Some hit movies are Twelve (2010),Trespass (2011),  Sleepwalk with Me (2012).

Emily Meade’s TV Shows

Emily Meade worked in many TV shows like ThatLaw & Order (2010),Boardwalk Empire (2010), Fringe (2011) and many more.

Emily Meade’s Hair Colour

Blonde is colour of Emily Meade’s hair. Emily Meade looks beautiful with this Hair Colour. Emily Meade very serious about hair.

Emily Meade’s Eye Colour

Blue is the colour of Emily Meade’s Eyes. Emily Meade is take much care of eyes.

Emily Meade’s Dress

Emily Meade Dress Size 4. Black velvet Gown is fovourite of dress of Emily Meade. Emily Meade looks so gorgious in this type of dress.

Emily Meade’s Boy Friends

50Cent is the name of boy friend of Emily Meade. Emily Meade gets happiness in company of Nathan Sykes.

Emily Meade’s Weight

50 kg is the weight of Emily Meade. Emily Meade is satisfy about weight.

Emily Meade’s Height

5’7″ is height of Emily Meade. Emily Meade is satisfy about height.

Emily Meade’s Bra Cup Size

30B is the size of Emily Meade’s Bra Cup. This is an ideal size for any actress.

Emily Meade’s Bra Bust Size

30 is the Bra Bust Size of Emily Meade. Emily Meade looks good with this.

Emily Meade’s waist Size

23″ is waist size of Emily Meade. Emily Meade look very good with this waist size. Emily Meade is very happy about waist.

Emily Meade’s Hip Size

32 is the hip size of Emily Meade. Emily Meade looks so pretty with this size.

Emily Meade’s Shoe Size

6 is the shoe size of Emily Meade. Emily Meade uses beautiful shoes in foot.

Emily Meade’s Profession

Actress personality professions of Emily Meade. Emily Meade enjoys these works very much.


Complete List of Emily Meade Movies


2006 The House Is Burning
2008 Assassination of a High School President
2009 Back
2010 I Will Follow You Into the Dark
Burning Palms
My Soul to Take
2011 Silver Tongues
Sin Bin
2012 Gimme Shelter
2012 Sleepwalk with Me
2013 Are We Officially Dating?


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